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A Seamless Experience for the Multi-Platform Pokies Player

One of the biggest buzzwords in casino gaming at the moment is “mobile” and there are plenty of resources on discovering the right mobile casino app for your needs and tastes out there, including right here on the site. However, simply choosing between mobile and desktop play is no longer the issue at hand.

General techies are all about the cloud and accessing your data from anywhere on any device, but did you know that you can do exactly the same thing across your casino account? Here, we take a look at the best options for players that want to enjoy pokies and table games not only on their desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, but all of them at the same time!

An Integrated Gaming Experience

The key to finding the right place to play across multiple devices takes into account a number of different factors and many of them reflect what players expect when seeking out a new casino to play at in general. For starters, you’ll want to have access to your favourite pokies – after all, it is all very well being able to access a casino on your tablet, but if none of the games take your fancy then the whole experience is rather pointless. Your best bet in this regard is to seek out a casino that offers a wide range of games rather than specific ones. Even if your absolute favourite poker machine isn’t available on mobiles, the extensive choice means that you’re sure to find one that comes exceptionally close.

Banking and Rewards from Anywhere

The ability to play across multiple devices means that you’ll want to play with just a single gaming account. This means that you’ll want a casino that offers all of the important banking features in their mobile apps, such as deposits and withdrawals and if they’re easy to use on the move then things are even better. Most top casinos also reward players for every dollar they spend in the form of points and you won’t want to miss out on any of that, not to mention the other rewards that are available, just because you happen to be playing pokies on your iPad rather than your desktop computer. In essence, the experience really does need to be seamless, with players treated the same no matter how they choose to play.

Banking and Rewards from Anywhere
The Verdict

When it comes to software developers, there is one clear winner out there right now for players that want to play with a single account across multiple devices, and that’s Microgaming. Not only is their online pokies range the largest standalone selection in the world, but the same applies on mobiles too, with new releases being added every month. Indeed, one thing that they do better than anyone else is releasing games across multiple platforms at the same time, so if a brand new poker machine takes your fancy, the chances are it’ll be waiting when you load up a mobile casino app too.

All of the major Microgaming casino brands use the same core platform, meaning that the developer has full control over banking and promotions across devices and the end result is absolutely top notch for any player that values their freedom! Effectively, you can do anything that you could ever hope to do with your account from any device, with balances, loyalty points and everything else transferring seamlessly and ready to use whenever you log in.

So, for a seamless mobile experience that covers great games and a thorough range of options, you’ll want to check out the top Microgaming casinos in Australia. Fortunately, we’ve done all of the legwork for you and you’ll be pleased to know that top brands like All Slots and Royal Vegas are ready and waiting to offer absolutely everything you need for a true multi-platform casino experience.